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Bill and Coo (1948)

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Bill and Coo (1948)

Topics Bill, Coo, Bill and Coo

Welcome to Chirpendale. There's plenty of parking space, plus it has everything: a bar where bird citizens can drink junebug sundaes and listen to jazzy music. But the bird citizens are terrorized by an evil raven called "The Black Menace", but a pluck young bird named Bill Singer, who's a taxi driver by day, comes to the aid of a damsel in distress, Coo, who's trapped in a fire. And soon the circus comes to town, Bill and Coo get box perches and witness ferocious feats and even laugh along with Cannonball Twitcher on an out of control motorcycle! But soon The Black Menace returns, and Bill and the rest of the citizens put together a plan to put him away for good.

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Runtime:61 min
Color:Color (Trucolor)

Run time 60 minutes 15 seconds
Producer pearlheartgtr
Audio/Visual sound


Reviewer: honeyfritter - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 25, 2014
Subject: Forever Bill and Coo
This is THE MOST SPECTACULAR animal film I've ever seen. It's humorous, it's will be completely charmed! I was stunned by how wonderful the birds are and how they effortlessly cooperate and communicate. This will easily make your forever list!
Reviewer: Steve Carras - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 5, 2010
Subject: A VERY strange film
To this day, Ken Murray's golden name may well be more embedded in people's minds because of this "bird brain" story [done with a LOT of brain and heart and the things it got an Oscar for!] if at all, more than his other accomplishments.. I haven't seen this in years [was till the 70s a longtime TV staple.]

This is apparently a humanely treated bunch of birds for such an old film [even then the Human Society was working with them, given how less enlightened some animal film makers were, as well as with children, who weren't as lucky though], and parakeets, which I used to have at the height of its rerun popularlity on tv back in the 70s, 25 years after its making, CAN be trained in costume, but just narration works a lot. WB tried, with some of its cartoon producers, to do something like this with monkeys with "Orange Blossoms for Violet" and of course you may have heard of all the monkeying around with Marquis Chimps, J.Fred Muggs and the Secret Chimps of Lancelot Link. But I'll take a nice bird show now and then..:)
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